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About ionMyPC

Alerting you to conditions inside your PC is contrary to what most people experience.

Most people are used to the break-fix's broken, so, they get it fixed.

 That tends to be the most expensive route.

ionMyPC focuses on developing applications that pro-actively monitor the operation of your PC or Server.

The applications we develop report directly to our technicians, and optionally, to you.  Providing a professional review of what's happening inside your PC.

So, while our focus is on monitoring, it is combined with service.

Being able to alert you to an imminent hardware failure can mean the difference between losing your data permanently, or not.

But, hardware is just one component.  We actually spend more time and resources looking at how the machine is performing, in terms of memory, operating system, etc., and how it is configured.

We also look deep into the most sensitive areas of Windows, looking for signs of infections.

We are a U.S.-based company and we strive to provide traditional service.

Our software was developed by a computer repair and service company owner who saw the need for an inexpensive monitoring solution for his customers.

The concept of monitoring is not new.  The way we implement it is different, and less expensive.




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