ionMyPC - Computer Health Monitoring Software

Alerting you to conditions inside your computer...
that Windows does not.


As tough as your computer builds may be, components can and do fail.

You have two choices; you can wait for it to happen, or you can be pro-active.

When you're pro-active, you control the situation, rather than having it control you.
When you're pro-active, you get the get the get the repair - bringing you additional revenue.
When you're pro-active, you get the kudos.

Whether it's a customer-facing PC, or an unattended PC in a remote location, there's no better way to get both critical pre-failure information, and status information.

Providing a desktop alert is one thing, but automatically contacting a technician about the problem delivers the help when it's needed.

Talk to us today about integrating customized ionMyPC software in to your next build.


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Who's keeping an eye on your computer's health ?

  Computer health monitoring software

Computer Health Monitoring Software

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