ionMyPC - Computer Health Monitoring Software

Alerting you to conditions inside your computer...
that Windows does not.


Streamline your operations and give your support team a leg up on identifying failing hardware before it fails.

Pro-active monitoring of PCs and Servers can prevent valuable downtime and reduce unexpected outages.

Windows may record important errors in the log, but it does not notify you of these errors...errors that can tell you in advance that a hardware component is about to fail...before it actually does.

Providing an alert on the desktop is one thing, but ionMyPC also alerts a technician about the problem bringing the assistance you need to your customers, when they need it.

Being pro-active puts you in the driver's seat, rather than behind the 8-ball.

When do you want to know?
Before it gets bad...

or after it's too late?

Talk to us today about integrating customized ionMyPC software in to your organization's routine support.





Computer Health Monitoring SComputer Health Monitoring Softwareoftware
Who's keeping an eye on your computer's health ?

  Computer health monitoring software

Computer Health Monitoring Software

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