ionMyPC - Computer Health Monitoring Software

Alerting you to conditions inside your computer...
that Windows does not.


ionMyPC is a simple, low-cost solution that drives additional revenue in the door two ways.

First, a customized ionMyPC application detects errors and emails you directly, while notifying the customer's desktop.
Business is driven directly to you as your name and phone are displayed as the repair contact.

As you well know, Windows records important errors in the logs, but, does not notify the desktop.
Many of these errors can tell you in advance that a component is about to fail...before it actually does.

Being able to alert you to an imminent hardware failure can mean the difference between losing your data permanently....or not.

Providing an alert is one thing, but also alerting a technician about the problem brings the customer the assistance they need, when they need it.

It's pro-active support and it puts you ahead of the curve.

Second, recurring licensing fees.  Customers pay for the license and you'll earn revenue on each and every license you sell...and every license that renews.

Not convinced?
ionMyPC On-Demand scans PCs that you work on in-house...and in less than two minutes you can generate a report that interrogates each physical component on the computer (up to 33).  From keyboard to power supply.

Still not convinced?
Try ionMyPC won't cost you a dime!

ionMyPC software was developed by a computer repair and services company owner who saw the need for an inexpensive monitoring solution for his customers, in 2016.

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Who's keeping an eye on your computer's health ?

  Computer health monitoring software

Computer Health Monitoring Software

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