ionMyPC FAQs

ionMyPC Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are you looking at, exactly ?
ionMyPC looks at hardware, software and performance on your computer.  No two reports are the same.  The report is delivered to a technician.  You can always request a copy of the technician's report at any time...but, overall, ionMyPC looks at events and interrogates hardware components.  No data is examined.  IonMyPC is just looking at the things that make your PC work.

2. How does it work ?
ionMyPC collects status and error information from each individual physical component on your computer, it then looks at the operating system.  The collected information is put into a report that is then delivered via email.

3. What's special in the technician's report ?
The technician's report contains much more detailed and comprehensive technical information, like drive numbers, device id numbers, device status, etc.   You are welcome to a copy of it at any time.

4. I see errors that the technician says are not errors
There are many transient errors reported that do not indicate any genuine long-term problem.  Let's say your Internet Service Provider's signal to your computer is sketchy certain times of the day.  That's a transient condition.  The logs would show if it was an ongoing problem.

5. What am I paying for ?
If you are using ionMyPC Free, you aren't paying anything.  All other ionMyPC products require an annual fee.  You are paying for the software to monitor your computer's operation.  Just like taking your car in for an inspection, you are paying for the inspection of your PC, which in the case of a pre-failure of your hard drive is worth much more.  What's not included is the repair costs (labor or hardware) to fix your computer.  Repair costs are seperate.

6. What if my PC isn't turned on ?
If your PC is not turned on at the scheduled time, don't worry.  ionMyPC will generate a report the next time it is scheduled to do so.

7. How frequently does it run ?
Each of the ionMyPC products runs on a different schedule...from Hourly to Monthly.

8. How do I know you're not looking at my personal information ?
Plain and simple...the software just doesn't work that way and doesn't collect any personal information.

9. Do you find every failure ?
The more frequently the software runs, the better the odds of catching a failure.  If it only runs once a month, a device could fail and the software wouldn't even know about it.  The more often it runs, the better the odds...that's why Daily is best.

10. Do you see every hardware failure ?
If for example your hard drive encounters a catastrophic error and ionMyPC has already run that day or week or is possible that the drive would fail, basically with little or, no warning, and ionMyPC would not see it.  The more frequently ionMyPC runs, the better the chances of catching hardware errors before the device fails.

11. What performance indicators are you looking at ?
Peak values, capacities, memory ratios...techie stuff.

12. Who is this software designed for ?
ionMyPC is designed for;

Home PCs
Home Office PCs
Office PCs
Corporate PCs
PCs used as Servers
Stand-alone or unattended PCs
PC builders
PC repair shops

13. How does this work in a large corporation ?
Depends on who the corporation wants to have reviewing the, or their support team.  But overall, it works the same as it does in a small to medium company.

14. How does this work for my local computer repair shop ?
Your local computer shop receives training and support from us, but they respond to you since they are fielding the reports...and you are their customer.

15. Do you have a dealer / affiliate or channel marketing program ?


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