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Alerts you to Critical and Important errors on your Serverxcheck
Alerts you that your hard drive is in the process of failingxcheck
Alerts you that components are failing or have failedxcheck
Alerts you that you are missing optional updatesxcheck
Alerts you that your Server is not performing properlyxcheck
Contacts you about problems found on your Serverxcheck
Emails you a report about your Server's healthxcheck
Sends an SMS alert the report has been deliveredXCheck

ionMyServer looks at 16 individual hardware components on your Server and reports their status.

ionMyServer reports every 1 to 24 hours.

ionMyServer can send an optional SMS text message the report has been delivered.

ionMyServer generates easy-to-read technical report that shows a technician the status of each individual component on your Server.  It also shows any error messages associated with an individual component.  For example, if your hard drive is in the process of failing, the report will show you that it is.  

ionMyServer identifies hardware failures, critical entries in the logs, abnormal operations, low storage, missed maintenance, compromised operating system, poor performance, missing updates, and more.

ionMyServer can be configured to run from once per day to once every hour.  Reports run at scheduled intervals to ensure round-the-clock daily monitoring.

Early identification of problems can save you hundreds in repair costs and downtime.

Call today and get ionMyServer working for you today !  
Questions ?  Click here for the FAQs.  Click here for a brochure.

Don't wait until this happens to you:

Hard Drive Failure
Hard Drive Failure

Hard Drive Not Found
No boot device

Component Failure (Blue Screen)

Missing Operating System File
OS Corrupted

Operating System Error
StartUp Repair




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