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ionMyServer FAQs

ionMyServer Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often does it run ?
ionMyServer can be run every 1-24 hours.

2. What are you looking at, exactly ?
ionMyServer looks at both hardware and software on your computer.  No two reports are the same since you can be running different applications when the report is generated.  The report is delivered to your email address and you can get an optional text message on your phone.  The text message alerts you to the email.  Overall, ionMyServer examines the things that make the server work.

3. How does it work ?
ionMyServer collects status and error information from each individual physical component on your server, it then looks at software on your somputer and the operating system.  The collected information is put into a report that is then delivered to via email.

4. Will it work on PC's used as file servers ?

5. What am I paying for ?  Monitoring or Repair ?
Just like taking your car in for an inspection, you are paying for watching your Server, not repair it, sometimes, knowing in advance is worth more.

6. What if my Server isn't turned on ?
If your Server is not turned on, don't worry.  ionMyServer will resume generating reports the next time it is.




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